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When it comes to water testing and filtration/purification you can look to LifeWater LLC with confidence. Whatever your concern of your water may be, we can test it and, often times, come up with a solution. The filtration/purification systems we install vary according to water tests and needs, however you can rest assured that the purity of your water will improve and often

times be safer to drink.


Our technicians are fully licensed and certified to work on business, residential and community wells so when they install a water filtration/purification system of any size, type or model, they do it right the first time. Should you have a bacteria problem, we can take care of that using chlorination or UV light disinfection. Should you have sediment issues we can take care of that by installing high flow filters. Should you have a sandy well, those can also be easily managed by installing a sand trap and timed purging system. Whatever the issue may be, it is rare that we cannot solve it. And once whatever system that is needed is installed, you can depend on our periodic service and maintenance program to keep it performing to perfection.

Well Inspections

Most loan companies are now requiring a well inspection write up. This gives both the buyer and the loan company peace of mind. We can help the process of this flow smoothly and give estimates for any upgrades or repairs needed, to assure you will have a well fit to suit your needs for years to come.


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